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Moving in the West Island or Ile Bizard area? Pick your movers with care.

Unless you are a professional mover yourself, lifting and carrying heavy appliances, furniture items and so on and so forth is hardly something that you are very proficient at or that you would enjoy doing. However, if you decide that you don’t need movers to help you relocate, be prepared for some heavy lifting for many hours on end, at both the origin and the destination. A professional moving company would take this stress off your hands and give you the greatest gift of all – time that you can spend doing things you actually enjoy.

Heavy lifting and time commitment

When you decide to relocate for work, study, or other reasons, a million questions immediately spring up in your head, and various solutions need to be sought for newly arising problems and challenges. One of these is the question: should you try and manage the move by yourself or hire a professional moving company? The answer depends on a few things.
Moving Company Ile Bizard
Moving Company

Guarantees and equipment

If you drop your own vase – whose loss is it? Yours and yours only. With a professional moving company, however, it would be the movers responsible for compensating you for the damage incurred, often with a very small deductible when compared to the total sum of the insurance. Together with professional insurance and guarantees of the safety of your property, movers are able to provide equipment that is capable of making tasks that would be impossible for you (such as moving a piano or equipment through the balcony) quite manageable.

What to look for

Hopefully these few points will prove helpful in convincing you that you should not make things more difficult than they need to be – hiring a professional moving company in the West Island and Ile Bizard area that is capable of helping with short distance and long distance moves is the way to go. Look for a company that has an impeccable reputation for great customer service, service delivery, and reasonable rates. Give Déménagement de L'Ouest a call for a Free Online Estimate today!

Local Delivery Service

You can also rely on our moving company for local deliveries, whether you need to have a large purchase, furniture, or any other type of heavy or oversized equipment delivered to your door.
Insurance up to $ 2.000.000 ($ 1000 franchise), cargo insurance $ 100.000 with a deductible of $ 500!
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